Luxury Travel for Less

A yummy pina colada served on gorgeous sandy beaches.  🌴

Staying at Five-star hotels, while having Michelin star dinners at far away destinations.

Are these sort of vacations that happen in your dreams? Think again. With a little planning, your next holiday will be a 5-star plus.

Here are 8 ways to help you enjoy a luxury vacation for less:

  • Research, Research, Research. Once you decide on your destination, you need to research it. Compare plans, don’t be afraid to buy your ticket at one website, and your hotel on another. I found the same travel package online for more than a $1000 in savings than at our local travel agency.


  • Make use of Shoulder Seasons. Travel off-season as close to the high season as possible. You can score a room 30% cheaper one week earlier to high Season. The weather would be perfect, and the location would not be overcrowded with tourists. (Double Win!🙌)


  • Boutique hotels. Smaller hotels may offer more luxury for less money. On our last trip to Prague, we stayed at the Emblem Hotel, fantastic Boutique hotel with a great Spa. Access to the wonderful Maharal Club that offered hot drinks & snacks all day Long, A wine tasting at 6 pm, 10% Luxury shopping discount and a free guided art tour of the city for hotel guests.


  • Book the cheapest reasonable flight. The flights are the most expensive purchase of a vacation. A flight with a stopover of 2 or more hours of flight would mean a lot of money in Savings. On a trip to Paris, we saved a $1000+ on tickets for our family of 4 by making a connection through a flight in Istanbul, instead of flying directly to CDG. That translates into a 1000$ shopping money to spend in Paris, the fashion capital of the world.


  • BOOK WAY AHEAD OF TIME. The closer you get to your day of travel, the more expensive the flights and the hotels will be. I would recommend booking your vacation at least 6 months in advance.


  • Earn cash back through third party site. EBATES is my favorite. Who does not love getting CASH BACK!!! I cannot emphasize on how fantastic this is. Ebates offers 12% cash back on Expedia. A 3000$ vacation package transforms into $360 money back into your purse! You may use my link here and kicks start your account with $10.


  • Use a City Pass. We were in Berlin, last September and buying the City Pass included discounts on entries to many Destinations around town that we had planned on visiting, as well as a metro pass for our entire stay!


  • Use Credit Cards & loyalty programs that offer miles. I put everything on the card— I never use my debit Card and even more rarely do I use Cash. I put everything on my card, especially any expensive purchases. These miles pay for 4 yearly flights to visit family

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